Complete Playview Guide for Beginners

The smartphone industry is at boom right now. People are buying more smartphones every year than anything else and with the growing smartphone market, there is regular demand for different apps as well. playview app

But finding a good application is a tough job to do. Especially when you are looking for a live streaming app which is always in demand nowadays due to the increased Internet speed.

In this tough time, Playview has come as a relief for users. It one of the most advanced live streaming app which comes with a ton of features. It has gone very popular in very short time so today we have brought you a complete guide of Playview

How it works?

So first you need to know how this awesome app works. Playview usage different live streaming platforms such as YouTube to deliver high-quality videos. With it you can watch videos using your mobile data or wifi.

Not only that, it usage your mobile media player to run videos so you can enjoy all the features of your favorite media player as well.

Features of Playview app

Playview includes almost all features you can expect from a live streaming app. You can watch thousands of videos from different categories for free.

It includes not only movies but different TV shows and other videos such as movie trailers and live sports as well.

And you can not only watch videos online but download them for watching later as well. As if it was not enough, the developers have added some more cool features such as subtitles, multiple languages and much more.

How to download playview?

The only source to download Playview currently is the official website of playview. You can download the application in the standard Android package file (Apk)

Once you have the Apk, you can install it on your Android phone directly. You can also enjoy this application if you are using BlackBerry smartphone running OS 10.2 and higher.

If you want to enjoy online videos on your computer then you can install Playview on your PC using any Android emulator.

Seeing the features and amazing UI people are asking for a version of Playview apk app for different operating systems like iOS or Mac as well. Currently, there is no way to run Playview on these OS but we hope that developers will soon introduce Playview on other popular platforms too.

Wrap up

So what are you waiting for? Download Playview now to enjoy all the latest and classic movies and TV shows on your phone. Do tell us your experience in the comments section.

Showbox vs Cartoon HD

Undoubtedly, ShowBox and cartoon HD are the best movie streaming application. They are running wonderfully well on all platforms including Android, BlackBerry, Windows, iOS and many other. They provide you with almost the same features with minor differences.

There has been a long discussion over the fact that whether ShowBox is better or Cartoon HD. Thus we will be discussing the pros and cons of both the applications. Let’s see what we have got.

ShowBoxshowbox movies app

ShowBox is an entertainment based application that is possibly the best movie downloading app. While half of the movie streaming application have already shut down, ShowBox remains on top with its amazing service and movie collection. Let’s see its pros and cons :-


  • Download unlimited movies and videos in a go.
  • It is totally free of cost.
  • Gives you HD quality and great downloading speed.
  • Users can choose resolution to save their device memory space.
  • Select different languages for more than thousand movie library  


  • Due to its nature, being an entertainment application ShowBox uses obscene amount of RAM. It utilises a lot of space of your device.
  • ShowBox movies app is not a legal application, thus, it is not available on Google Play Store
  • It does crash time to time which leads to irritation to the users.
  • Advertisements are quite an obstruction to users, though, they do not appear will streaming video.

Cartoon HDcartoon hd app

Cartoon HD, as its name suggest is yet another movie streaming application that is well known for streaming HD quality Cartoon videos and movies. It is an unique app that gives you amazing features to play with.


  • Streams movies of hollywood for free.
  • Good movie quality allow users to enjoy the app for a longer time.
  • Cartoon HD is updated regularly.
  • Notification are available for every update made in the app.
  • Users can watch unlimited cartoon and movies


  • Cartoon HD is prone to crash regularly.
  • It does not work with iOS devices.
  • Cartoon HD is not legal as an application, therefore, it is not present on Android play store.
  • Advertisements are quite annoying and irritating.
  • There is limited amount of movie library.

Final Words

According to us, after experiencing ShowBox and Cartoon HD, we can say that ShowBox is a better application than Cartoon HD. You all should this app once and let us know your experience with it!

YouTube Creator Studio – For Android users only

YouTube is a social media site that is active on every smartphone or computer, be it Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows or any computer. It lets you see what the world is watching – from hottest music videos to what is trending in gaming, entertainment, news and more. You can create your own playlist of  favorite channels, T.V series or movies, share them with your friends and family. You can let the world know what you are watching.

You all would have seen some amazing entertainment and intellectual videos uploaded by individuals. Have you ever thought how these people have kick started their career on YouTube?

Let me first tell you, it is very easy to upload your work on YouTube. There are different applications available on Android Market through which you can always help yourself. YouTube Creator Studio is an exclusive tool developed by Google itself. It is especially made for youtubers.

youtube creator

YouTube Creator Studio has a simple and elegant user interface. It allows you to manage your YouTube activities through your android phone. There are some great features like –

  • Monitor channel and video performances.
  • Filter and respond to comments
  • Get important notifications.
  • Maintain your own playlist
  • Update and edit your uploaded videos
  • Upload new videos

Through YouTube Creator Studio, youtubers can always access analytical statistics, comment moderation and video editing. Thanks to creator studio, youtubers can move between menus and manage their video performances.

Though it does not play any specific role for those who do not upload video on youtube, it is quite effective for youtubers to manage their videos.

I have tried this application by myself, believe me it was very effective. I was able to manage my account directly from my phone without any problem or hang ups. I could attend to abusive comments instantly and take them off to assure the well being of my audience !

I have tried to pin down all the important points of YouTube and YouTube creator studio. I am sure, there are more. So,if you have some features to share, please let me know through your comments below. Thank you !


Download FaceTime for PC- Windows and Mac

Facetime is a popular application specially designed for Apple products. Facetime proved to be best application for iPhone and iPad. Apple maniacs just loved the app. It is the top calling app for iPhone and iPad.


Well, this app is only available for iOS devices. But users, they can’t resist using this app on the bigger screens like PC or Laptop. Is there any way to install this app on the bigger screen? Yes, that’s why you have landed on the right page. This article will show you how to install Facetime for PC.

Facetime was introduced in 2010. Since that time, millions of users have adored this application. For iPhone users, this app proved to be a life saver. People extensively installed this app on their iOS devices.


Facetime is the premium app developed by Apple Inc. It comes as an inbuilt application in the Apple devices. You can say it is much similar to Google hang out or Skype in term of its features and functionality. The only aim behind this app was building an app that will provide top quality video calling. Its extensive use explains that users are in love with Facetime. Since it inception, it is giving such hard time to the rival apps.

It is so flexible to use. For example, If you want to connect on iPhone with your friend, just dial his phone number through Facetime. In case another person is on iPad or Mac, just enter his/her email address. There is hard processing and dialing that will make any one frustrated.

Check here salient features of Facetime.

  • It is the best quality video calling app for Apple devices.
  • Its video call quality and audio quality are much better than other apps and cellular connection.
  • Its interface is user friendly.
  • It is totally free to use, unlike Whatsapp.
  • HD quality video calling is the prime feature.

After such extremely great features. Users asked for Laptop and Windows PC version. But this is not possible. Luckily we have a trick, with which you can install Facetime on the PC.

WE need an Android emulator to install Facetime on the Windows PC. Android emulator will let you create virtual Android environment on the PC. This way you can run this app.

Follow these steps to complete the process.

  • First of all download the setup file of Bluestacks Android player from its official website.
  • Open the setup file and follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • After installation, open up the emulator.
  • Enter your Google account credentials.
  • Search for Facetime in search bar.
  • Now simply install the app and enjoy it on a Windows PC.

How to root your Android Phone without PC

Rooting gives you freedom and an ample of opportunities to bring out the actual performance of your Android phone. But remember one thing, rooting voids the warranty of your phone. But enthusiastic like us never be pulled back by the petty fear of “void of warranty”. A 10 minutes work can bring boon for the performance of your Phone.

There are numerous ways to root Android phone but without using PC it can be a troublesome issue. If you adopt a yet not proven method, it may ruin your phone permanently. That’s why before taking your step towards making your phone free from manufacturer’s wish, check the way you wanna root your device. Here in below the process of getting your job done which is secure and convenient.


Let’s dig out the step by step process of this Android rooting without using PC.

Check List before rooting your Android Device:

  1. Device should be on and must have at least 50% power left in the battery.
  2. High speed internet connection is needed; we will suggest hooking your phone with WiFi.
  3. Allow your phone to install apps from unkown source.

That’s all. Let’s move to the hardcore process.


How to root your Android Phone without PC

Here the first step starts with downloading the kingoroot apk which is the key to unleash your phone.

  1. Download the apk of kingroot from here
  2. When you tap on the “download” button, Chrome will show a pop up with a message that “this type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep kingoroot.apk anyway?”. Tap on the “Ok” and let it be downloaded.
  3. You can use any of the available versions of this- PC version and apk. Remember a thing that PC version has higher success rate.
  4. Once it get downloaded, find the apk in your file explorer and hit install button without wasting your time anymore.
  5. If it gets installed, launch the app and click on the “One Click root” box.
  6. It will automatically starts process rooting and within few minutes.
  7. A “success” window will open once it gets finished.


That’s all. Now enjoy unleashed power of rooted Android phone and customize your needs- which app you need most or you use frequently and then wipe out the others that make your phone clumsy and which eat a lot of memory. With this process you can unzip your phone’s customization features and enjoy the Free to use way.

How to Download Tune in Radio for PC?

Do you like listening to Radio on your smartphone? Then you must have installed Tune in App on your smart phone. Tune in is the best radio app. With this app, you can hear from 100,000 radio stations. That number is pretty appealing. With such great range, you can listen to any type of radio station. From news to sports to music, just name the category, a related radio station will pop up for that category.


Millions of users are enjoying their favorite radio stations with the help of Tune in radio app. But people get annoyed as Tune in has not PC version. But world is smart, there are alternatives and ways to download this amazing app on the PC.

In this article, we are gonna talk about how to install Tune in Radio app on PC. Before moving to the guide, let’s first talk about its features.

Tune in radio provides widest range of radio stations. From 100,000 different radio stations, you can pick your favorite AM/FM radio. If you are fan of radio talk shows, then tune in radio app got some amazing radio talk shows to full fill your radio cravings.

Live streaming is another feature. You can tune in to your favorite live channels like ESPN, SPR, CNN and BBC. You can listen to your favorite shows and radio channels anytime anywhere. It does matter where you are, tune in is gonna update you with its amazing streaming.

So let’s talk about its installation now. Tune in Radio is a Android app. You need an Android emulator to run this app on Windows PC. Otherwise you won’t able to run this app on Windows app. There are some popular Android emulators in the market. BlueStacks and Andyroid is one of the. Android emulator creates virtual environment on the Windows PC. It means you can run any type of Android app on the Windows without any difficulty.

So let’s check the steps needed to install Tune in Radio app on your Windows PC.

  • First thing to do is getting BlueStacks.
  • Download the setup file from its official website.
  • Open up the file and follow on screen instructions to install the BlueStacks emulator.
  • Once installation is finished. Open up the emulator.
  • Search Tune in Radio in the search bar.
  • Add your Google login details and install the Tune in app.
  • Enjoying your favorite radio channel!


We have found an interesting app called Vidmate which claims to be the fastest video downloading app till now. You can download it on android phone using vidmate apk file. To download the app on your phone visit and search vidmate in the search bar.

Top Apps That help in Sharing Large Files Quickly

High quality file results mean larger size. For example, curated document, HD videos, Photoshop files or High resolution photos. These files are too large for sending as an attachment in email. Yeah, you can share it easily using a flash drive. But this method is only limited to locality. But what if, you need to transfer files to your friend living in another country.

This thought gave goose bumps. Don’t worry, with new technology and advancements, there is a solution. There are some premium apps that can be used for transferring larger files using your smart phone.

Have a look upon them.



What a life saver SunShine is! As the name suggests. SunShine has freed you from the headache of cloud uploading. You don’t have to upload your large files like videos of serials or collection movies. You just need two devices with this Application. Once both devices have active SunShine. You can send or stream data up to 10 GB within 10 seconds. I am sure you are making faces of Awe. I did that too when I first knew about this.

The Great thing is that it is compatible with devices like Android, OS and Windows etc. So now nightmares of sending large data are gone.

Send Anywhere:


It is much alike SunShine. As it has removed the necessity of Cloud storage. The major difference between both devices is that for SunShine you need to create an account. While Send Anywhere only uses SSL security plus 6 digit code for initiating the process.

This thing has its pros and cons. At brighter side, the sharing process will become faster and more efficient. But You can pair up with one device at one time. While with SunShine, multiple devices can be connected. It also uses QR code technology for sharing purpose.



Although cloud storage is not the ideal way for sharing the files.But still it has great importance. WeTransfer has been in the market since 2009 and serving as market leader. It takes more time for files get uploaded on Cloud than usual. But it is more secure and reliable. And the headache is, for once. WeTransfer has advantages over both devices above. For example, you don’t need two devices to install the app. As long you have the receiver’s email address, you can send the file to him/her anywhere in the world. Secondly, you can send file up to 10 GB. That is a pretty good number.


SHAREit is also a wonderful app and gaining user’s trust rapidly. It has millions of downloads already and is available for PC as well. If you want to get it on your pc, head over to this detailed article to download SHAREit for PC.  It’s faster than bluetooth and wi-fi direct. It has a great UI and takes few seconds to connect with the device.